KARATE FIVE ASSOCIATION Joins The Harold Long Foundation And Isshinryu Cross-Trainers Alliance
THE FOUNDATION The Karate Five Black Belts started their martial arts training under Master Harold Long in the early 1970’s. With Master Long’s blessing, the Dojo was established in 1974 to promote and teach Isshinryu to the inner city youth of Knoxville, TN. When our Sensei Master Long spoke, we obeyed. The Dojo Karate-Kas have been promoting Isshinryu in the community for over three decades.

Under Master Long’s watchful eyes and guidance, the Dojo taught 
hard work, honor, loyalty, discipline, and commitment. It helped 
with a neighborhood watch program in the community where the 
Dojo is located. The Dojo also sponsors ”Kids Day” programs where 
children are brought to the Dojo grounds to witness  martial arts 
demonstrations, and to enjoy a day of fun, food, and gifts. The kids 
also are given school supplies that are supplied by some local 
merchants. Karate five also works with different nonprofit 
organizations in the inner city to promote aid in reaching all groups, 
even outside the city. The above listed are just a few of Karate Five’s 
Because of Master Long’s charge to us in the mid 70’s we would 
not have had the vision for what Isshinryu Karate and how it would 
have had the impact that was needed in the inner city and also the 
part that was needed to aid the community.
We at the Karate Five Association are in agreement to honor 
Master Long posthumously. The Harold Long Foundation (HLF) was 
recently established by the Long Family to honor THE MAN that 
devoted his life to make us worthy martial artists. The Karate Five 
Board voted unanimously to join the foundation. With that vote, the 
names of sixteen members and the appropriate membership fees 
were submitted to the Foundation’s Board.


With the ICA’s concept of cross training, we feel that it is a well fit 
for our organization that meets some of our objectives and goals.


The Karate Five Association adopted and supported a cross training 
regimen for the past three decades. We started in Isshinryu under 
Master Long in the early 1970’s. In 1977, we started training in 
Sanuces-Ryu and Veejitsu under Master Moses Powell and Master 
Florendo Visitacion. In recent years, we added Modern Arnis and 
Military Arnis to our training curriculum.
In 1979, we sponsored a karate tournament at Knoxville College. Both Master Long and Master Powell sanctioned the event. Mr. Long did not oppose this venture. As a matter of fact, he worked side by side with Master Powell to ensure its success.

In the 1980’s, Masters Long and Burris attended a mixed martial arts 
demonstration by the Karate Five team in honor of Master Melbert 
Lee’s promotion to Go Dan. They were both very complimentary of the 
demo and techniques they witnessed.
Thru the years, Karate Five stressed and emphasized that Isshinryu 
is our primary martial art and our foundation. Everything else is 
secondary to Isshinryu. We have noted that other Isshinryu karate-ka 
participating in our circles of cross training had also established 
Isshinryu as their primary martial art.

Recently the Karate Five Board decided to honor the memory of 
Master Long by, in addition to supporting the Harold Long Foundation, 
supporting and joining the Isshinryu Cross-Trainers Alliance (ICA). 
Whether our karate-kas wish to participate in the scheduled workouts 
will be up to each individual. 
In remembering what other Isshinryu masters had introduced, we are reminded of Master Gary Alexander’s “Isshinryu Plus Combat Karate”. He sums it up in the following sentence: “Plus because of the use of combined Martial Arts I found it necessary to use to stay ahead of my adversaries throughout the many years of fighting. The chant goes Punching, Grabbing, Blocking, Kicking, Throwing, Tripping, Strategy, Psychology. Hit Fast! Hit Hard! Hit First!”

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